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About us:

Poas Travel Costa Rica was born from a family with sixteen years of experience in the tourism industry. Alexis Sanchez Castro and his wife, in love with the Costa Rican landscape and Our culture, thought of creating a company that would allow them to share their passion for Costa Rica and provide comfortable, high-quality transportation to travelers from all over the world.

The vision of Poas Travel Costa Rica is to redefine the way people travel around Costa Rica. As a family business, they stay closely connected with their staff and clients so that travelers can reach their destination in a safe, pleasant and timely manner, maximizing their holidays in Costa Rica.

As the company grows and evolves, We want our visitors to fall in love with our culture as a country, enjoy unique experience in their vacations and take a nice souvenir of Costa Rica we take you to different tourist destinations we offer, beaches, volcanoes, forests, waterfalls, cloud forest, views of our diferents animals, walks in our nature reserves walks through our National Parks.


Our Icon is  Quetzal Bird:

The resplendent quetzal is one of the most beautiful birds in the world and is only found in particular climates in the cloud forest mountain of Costa Rica,The unique bird attracts thousands of bird watchers and animal lovers from all over the world due to its breathtaking beauty.We use this bird as a representation of our company to symbolize our nature uniqueness and a unique service that is well sought after by ours Tours Guided by forests of Costa Rica.


Our Vision:

To be one of Costa Rica’d leading tourism travel companies with a commitment to providing high quality service to our visitant, and emphasis on sefely during trip.


“We want to take them to their destination in a timely and safe way, so they can use their time to their full potential.” Provide a personalized service with experience drivers to provide information about Costa Rica as a country, for an unforgettable trip; Become a nationally and internationally recognized company.

We provide people with safe and easy travel mobility to any destination.


Responsibility, order, respect, truth, honesty, solidarity, kindness, friendship, trust, team spirit, equality, tolerance, compressibility and veracity.