Our Work Teams


 Operation Manager: Alexis Sanchez Castro

Alexis has 16 years of experience working for the tourism industry in several travel agencies and tour operators. His focus is on providing excellent customer service to our customers. He honesty, friendliness, security and credibility. We are pleased that he is part of our team.



Contact : info@poastravel.com


Trip Planner: Amy Van Esch

Amy is Canadian and has lived in Costa Rica since 2008. Through her time traveling around the country, she has gained a lot of experience and knowledge of the best places to visit. She enjoys learning Spanish and integrating in the Costa Rican culture.


Contact : info@poastravel.com



Our Driver: Manuel Araya Blanco

Tour Guide, Driver

Manuel has 35 years of experience driving throughout Costa Rica, on pretty much every route there is. He is professional, kind, helpful, responsible and has an extensive knowledge of the safest and best roads to take.

Our Driver: Jorge Monestel

Tour Guide, Driver

Jorge has 18 years of experience in driving throughout the country. He is professional, kind, helpful, dependable, and has a wealth of knowledge about Costa Rica.


Our Driver: Alejandro Sanchez Rodriguez

Tour Guide, Driver

Alejandro has 12 years of experience  driving throughout the country. He is very helpful and can point out any wildlife along your route. He has a lot of knowledge about Costa Rica and is an excellent guide.

Our Driver: Arturo Rodriguez Acosta

Tour Guide, Driver

Arturo has 18 years of experience driving in Costa Rica and is courteous, professional and helpful to all of his clients.

Our Driver: Jose Guzman Mora

Travel Guide, Driver

Jose has been driving professionally for the past 18 years, and is known by his clients for his excellent driving skills and friendly personality.


Our philosophy:

The care and respect of our visitors is an important part of the philosophy of Gocostaricashuttle.

The trip connects us with ourselves, with the essence of a country, with its people, with its nature and with its land. This passion for traveling also awakens our conscience and responsibility and Safety of our drivers on the road.

We are aware that we have to take care of our balance of our natural and cultural resources.

At Poastravel Costa Rica, we want to help our clients reach their destination, in a timely and safe manner, so that they can use their time to their full potential.
As we update and constantly improve our services, we want to continually evolve our company to be in the best position to accelerate new technologies as they arise and to better serve our customers. ”